Blended Learning Online Credit Recovery (BLOCR)

In Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), we are committed to ensuring and facilitating academic excellence for all of our students. To do this, the school system has created the Blended Learning Online Credit Recovery program (BLOCR). Recognizing that credit recovery can be an important strategy for dropout prevention, PGCPS is providing students with the opportunity for grade recovery and/or credit recovery as part of an online blended learning program.

PGCPS’ BLOCR provides an opportunity for students to retake a course in which he/she previously was not academically successful in earning credit towards graduation. If a child is currently enrolled in a course, BLOCR provides an opportunity for timely intervention for a student to recover up to two quarters of unsatisfactory course work. We are attempting to conduct a blended learning approach which combines face-to-face classroom methods with computer-directed content and activities to form an integrated instructional approach. BLOCR options allow students who have completed requisite seat time and district calendar requirements to earn either a credit based on competency of the content standards or a revised passing quarter grade for a class in which they are currently enrolled.

The BLOCR Program has 5 key focus areas:

  1. The instruction is given in a blended format.

  2. The program requires intensive effort and commitment on the part of the student in order for success to be achieved.

  3. Students must master working and learning in the virtual environment, which all 21st century learners must be comfortable working in this capacity.

  4. The program is an extension of the normal school program and school day which requires students to be willing to go beyond their present learning environment.

  5. Finally, the focus in our program is recovery of either a full credit or a quarter grade, not original credit acquisition.

BLOCR students should be self-motivated, have good time management skills, and be willing to devote time to fulfill course requirements beyond the scheduled class time and in remote locations. The use of technology in a blended learning environment as an alternative to traditional classroom instruction individualizes instruction and allows for scheduling flexibility. It also requires excellent time management on the part of the student. BLOCR classes are teacher-led, with extensive interaction between teachers and students. All teachers are “highly qualified,” certified to teach the content area in BLOCR, and have been trained in the fundamentals of the program.

BLOCR is a school-based local intervention program conducted by your child’s teachers with your local educators working with you and your child.